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The following are some of the more common variants of computer ransomware:


  ADOBE (.adobe)

  ARENA (.arena)

  ARROW (.arrow)

  BETTA (.betta)

  BIP (.bip)

  BKP (.bkp)

  BRRR (.brrr)

  BTC (.btc)

  GATE (.gate)


  CESAR (.cesar)

  COMBO (.combo)


  ETH (.eth)

  GAMMA (.gamma)

  JAVA (.java)

  MONRO (.monro)

  PHOBOS (.phobos)

MALWARE Data Recovery



  CryptoWall 3

  CryptoWall 4


  Krab (GandCrab)

  Crypto Malware

  Encryption Malware

  Bitpaymer Ransomware


VIRUS Encryption

  Crypto Virus (encryption virus)

  DMA Locker

  Tesla Crypt







For more advice on how to identify (and what to do if your systems become infected) crypto ransomware such as PHOBOS (files encrypted and renamed with .phobos extension) or ADOBE (files encrypted and renamed with .ADOBE extension) or COMBO (files encrypted and renamed with .COMBO extension) or similar crypto malware, please click here.

Whatever type of ransomware or encryption virus you have, we can advise on whether your valuable business data can be recovered or decrypted. Our expert data recovery service is quick and easy.

For a FREE priority assessment please click below and complete our simple online form to access our priority 24/7 ransomware recovery helpdesk.


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Why Should I Use A Ransomware Consultancy Service?

1. Downtime can be costly. If you have no experience in dealing with ransomware then why not consult experts who can offer honest, free advice to get your business back on track as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours) and minimise costly downtime and stress.

2. Don't deal with criminals. Most people/businesses are not comfortable and have no experience in dealing with criminals. We do not recommend negotiating directly with criminals since this can further compromise security. Also, Bitcoins (required for paying ransoms) can be tricky if you have no previous experience of buying/trading. NOTE: we also recommend reporting all ransomware attacks to law enforcement. It should be noted that often paying the ransom may be the only viable option for getting your files decrypted.

3. Guaranteed risk-free service. If you do pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that you get you will get a decrypt tool in return and could lose any ransom monies paid. You may also be risking opening yourself up to further attack. Our service offers a GUARANTEED risk free professional alternative to get your business back on track as quickly as possible.

4. Reduce the chances of repeated attack. As part of our service we can offer simple free advice on how to secure your systems against ransomware infection.

Our consultants are expert in dealing with all types of ransomware infections (e.g. COMBO, BIP, ETH. BTC, GATE, PHOBOS and other DHARMA ransomware) and we can quickly assess your situation and provide a stress-free solution to get your business back on track today. Please contact us for a no-obligation FREE ransomware recovery assessment. 

Reputable and Professional Ransomware Data Recovery

As ransomware specialists, we have an outstanding track record in recovering data for businesses and individuals that have fallen victim to computer ransomware such as Eth (.ETH), Adobe (ADOBE), Arrow (.ARROW), Combo (.COMBO). Gate (.GATE) or other crypto ransomware. As a reputable and trusted UK company with years of data recovery history, we have provided effective data recovery solutions to hundreds of clients across the world. Here are a few reasons to put your trust in us...

  • Reputable UK business with years of experience advising victims of ransomware attack.
  • A highly experienced and dedicated ransomware expert will guide you safely through our simple recovery process quickly and easily.
  • NO RECOVERY NO FEE policy. If we cannot recover your data then there is no charge. Simple.
  • Quick and easy FREE evaluation. Simply complete our simple form and we will assess your situation and report back to you as a priority.
  • 24/7 emergency ransomware recovery service.
  • International service.
  • Client confidentiality guaranteed. We take client confidentiality extremely seriously and will protect your data and privacy at all times.
  • Outstanding track record in data recovery and customer service. But don't take our word... check out what customers say about us.*

* All customer reviews are independently verified.

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