All I can say is they are worth every penny spent when it comes to recovering your data. Our client was hit with Ransomware that had us reverting to a 3 month old backup with a huge hill to climb to rebuild. On first attempt we had no luck and had ourselves resigned to the fact we could not get our data, however in the nick of time the lads came back to us as they had made progress in decrypting this particular strain. 2 days later we had all our data and are back where we left off. Very professional service offered. Highly recommended ! Thanks guys !

Jason Scott

We were victims of a ransomware attack that had left all our data encrypted and with seemingly no way of recovery. Derek was able to provide very prompt response and our data was recovered within the time they had specified.
If you ever unfortunate enough to require RM's services I could not recommend them highly enough- even for people on the other side of the world (Australia) like us. As another commenter noted, don't be put off by the pricing- it is expensive but worth it. We all know that we should be backing up remotely but when you haven't been and you need your data recovered- they will manage to do it.

Mark Battisti

Looking for a solution following a ransomware attack that bypassed our anti-virus security, we found RM Data Recovery, who were confident that they could provide a solution and decypt our files.

Indeed they were able to remotely fully resolve our problems and get us back up and running with the minimum of delay and fuss.

We worked with Andy, who inspired confidence and kept us informed at all stages.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Andy and his support team!!

Paul Barrow

Red Mosquito made me very happy! This was the only company I could find that solved my CTB-Locker problem. There was no company in the Netherlands and Belgium that could decrypt my customers CTB-Locker encrypted files, but RM could! Even sites like: https://www.nomoreransom.org/ and all other (antivirus/malware/ransomware-sites) state that there is no known decryption method available for CTB-Locker. Congratulations RM for making the imposible possible! I could even sent my corrupt files via DropBox, instead of sending a whole fysical harddrive. Thank you Red Mosquito!

Michel Kruijs, the Netherlands.

These guys really know there stuff, pure and simple. Polite, professional and a quick turn around. Don't be put off by the request for payment upfront. RM data Recovery got us out of a really sticky spot. I would use them again without hesitation.

Tim Broome

We were facing a doomsday scenario - we changed our server in Mar 2015 but did not link our back up software to the new server thus was facing loosing one years of work - RM was the only IT company that was able to sort the problem. We had already spoken to at least seven other IT service providers in related field before RM.

Paudie O'Donnell

It's a bit scary sending off money to strangers, especially when you're already reeling from losing all your data, but thank goodness I did. Andy and his crew came over as really professional from the start and are responsive and helpful. All the files that had been infected with the Locky virus were restored in 48 hours and life - at last - is returning to normal. If you have a problem such as mine, I really suggest you speak to Andy.

Dave Vincent, Basingstoke

I came back form holiday to find out a member of staff had opened a fake invoice and infested my computer with locky ransomware virus all my files were encrypted after investigating and speaking with all sorts of experts as far away as Africa the advice was to pay the ransom I thought I had done everything even contact the cyber crime squad and was looking into how to buy bitcoins to pay up
 To open an account you must send copies of your passport,bank statements, electric bills etc it looked like I was about to get cloned with a stroke of luck we found RM to who guaranteed they would get my files back I was doubtful but paid there fee upfront Andrew Stark set up remote access the next morning and by the end of lunchtime all was recovered as promised I now have the heart of our business restored I can't thank you enough all the best

Donny Bruce

A virus attacked us and encrypted all the data of our company: accounting and invoicing softwares, payroll, all files on the network... The company was totally blocked and we found no one in France to help us.
 With the help of RM in less than 24 hours we get all our data back at the right date and time of the attack, so the employees were able to go back to work very quickly.
 The RM team was really helpful and dedicated to our problem. Their work was really efficient!

Frederique Laurens


When a virus hit our network and encrypted all of our data, I was at my wits end! Our IT firm has no answers and I feared that it was all lost for good.
 Then I found the team at RM, who were confident that they could restore all of our files. I was dubious, but I had no reason to be, as Andy got everything back in original order and in good time too.
 I would highly recommend their data recovery service!

David Attwell

I contacted Red Mosquito for troubles emerging from the aggression by a PC virus, and my subsequent request to recover encrypted data. The service provided by RM Data Recovery was really excellent for speed and effectiveness. The company also operated with great courtesy and deep attention. Thank you.

Stefano Zorzoli

Web Development Company