How do I know if my system is infected with Ransomware (or if my files are encrypted)?

If you are infected with Dharma malware such as BIP, ADOBE, JAVA or similar ransomware you may experience the following:

  • Message advising you that your data has been encrypted and requesting that you to pay a ransom for decrypt tool/software or contact an email address for 'help'.
  • Desktop wallpaper changed.
  • Files won’t open.
  • Files have been renamed (or have new extensions added).
  • Applications won’t open.
  • Antivirus software is disabled.
  • Computer system locked down.
  • Computer system running slowly.

If you think your system has been infected with a ransomware or a file encryption virus, please contact us for FREE expert advice.

What should I do if I experience Ransomware?

If the worst happens and you become infected, we advise that you perform an immediate shutdown of your computer in the normal manner. Do not press the power button since this may corrupt your data or system files further and delay repair.

Ransomware removal and the recovery of your valuable data should always be left to an experienced ransomware expert.

RM Data Recovery have the knowledge and expertise to recover your data and completely remove most known forms of ransomware and malware.

Our data recovery process is quick, simple and entirely focussed on restoring your valuable data and getting your business back on track as quickly as possible, by whatever means possible.

It may also be worth checking your insurance since many policies now provide cover for ransomware or virus related data loss.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you report all cyber criminal activity to the relevant authority. If you are unsure how to do this then please contact us for further advice.

Don’t Panic! Get in touch and we can help for free and friendly advice on all types of data encryption and ransom malware.

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